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Gentoo Virtual Machine - I

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Gentoo Virtual Machine

Gentoo Linux is a Linux distribution named after the Gentoo Penguin. It is designed to be modular, portable, easy to maintain, flexible, and optimized for the user's machine. This is accomplished by building all tools and utilities from source code, although, for convenience, several large software packages are also available as precompiled binaries for various architectures. Gentoo achieves all this via the Portage system. Gentoo is also appreciated for its discussion forums and the large knowledge base they represent.

Even with all the fun and frills, Gentoo is primarily criticised for its long installation process, sometimes taking days on older hardware, especially very large ones such as X11 and take hours to compile and are incompatible with the needs of many users who require quick software installation.

Having said that, working with Gentoo is a great learning experience and one is rewarded with much knowledge and insight into how various parts of Linux come together to work in a way it is supposed to and a wealth of information on minute details of each and every configuration option in the packages.

My endeavour with this VM is to enable the community use Gentoo and decide for them selves what the enigma of the Gentoo Linux really is.

Now about the VM itself.

Gentoo Linux Configuration
Distribution: 2006.0
Linux Kernel: 2.6-15-r1
Installation Type: Minimal (no Desktop Environment)
Networking: DHCP
User Name/password - none
Root Password: "gentoo"

Virtual Machine Configuration
RAM: 256 MB (configurable by editing the gentoo.vmx file)
Disk: 10.0 GB (sorry I had to err on the side of plenty)
Networking: Bridged
VMware Tools: Loaded
Monitor Resolution: 1024x768

Download Information
Please head to my blog at for downloads.

File Size: 383 MB
Compression: ZIP
MD5SUM 41ca265fe7358c547889cee414d47b66 *

The http link is donated by someone who likes Gentoo and wanted to help me out, so please use it only and only if you will not be able to use Bittorrent in anyway whatsoever. Thanks for understanding. - Update - 21, Apr, 2006.

This VM just about gives you the head start with base installation. It has the shell and the basic networking installed. Everything there on needs to be downloaded and configured using emerge.

I will be posting more expansive VM's covering both GNOME and KDE Desktop environments individually as soon as i'm done with them.

Until then, hope ya have fun with this version.

16 Responses to “Gentoo Virtual Machine - I”

  1. Blogger Jay 

    Hi All,

    I guess, I messed up blogtorrent. So I'm falling back to my trusted BNBT tracker.

    Please go to for VM torrents.


  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The dload is ghastly slow.

  3. Blogger Jay 

    I can see consistent downloads at about 40-50 kB/s which are not great but not vile either. Also the since VMware will not be hosting the VM's. This is just about the only way I can distribute the files without paying my whole salary to my web hosting provider.

    If you think you can host it on http please free to do so and drop me a line and will gladly add it to my http download locations. I apologize if the above sounds sarcastic, it is not intended to be.

  4. Anonymous michael kirst-neshva 

    Hi, when you want, i can host it for free... mail me michael at mobile-server dot de.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    thanks for the VM, looking forward to the gentoo gnome/kde vm's!

  6. Anonymous Ben 

    You mentioned in your posting that Gentoo is being criticised for having such a long and user-unfriendly installation phase. Although I'm a big fan of Gentoo, I have to agree with that statement.

    Over the last few years I've did a few stage1 installation. But I wasn't really looking forward to go through the entire process again for the VMWare version I badly needed. Thank you very much for saving me the time and trouble!

    I'd have the say that I'm much more interested in this minimal installation then in de bloated ones you are planning to make. Gentoo is all about choice and customization. If I want a complete distro that works out of the box, I'd go for Fedora or something lke that.

    But that's just my opinion. And besides that, I'm not really a huge fan of Gnome nor KDE. If there's enough interest for a version with those desktop environments, just go for it!

  7. Anonymous ken manheimer 

    jay, i'm thrilled that you did this! i've been using gentoo in vmware workstation for just about a year now, and find it by far the best balance between flexibility and ease of maintenance. (i run on a windows host, so i get easy device compat, access to some windows-only apps, etc, while being able to mostly operate in a fine linux environment.) i'm glad that you're making it easier for others to get started with it - i can't recommend it highly enough.

    one question for you - have you tackled getting vmware-tools going in your vm yet? i suspect not, since you need X to run it. i got it going with some pain, since the run scripts are organized for a different boot script organization. i notice that there's a vmware-tools ebuild (app-emulation/vmware-linux-tools), but it's for 5.0.0 - dunno whether that'll work with 5.5.1. if not, it'd be lovely if you upgrade the ebuild...

  8. Anonymous Jay 

    Hi All,

    Thanks much for taking your time out and posting your views, I appreciate it much.

    Ken, I had believed that i did crack the tools issue, see

    However looks like i still have some issues that need to be sorted out, like

    I am working on this and will post a newer Gentoo VM with these and other issues fixed or atleast worked around.

  9. Anonymous Marco 

    Thnx for sharing this image. I love developing my websites under Gentoo. A nice base image is more than welcome. Saves a lot of work :-)

    The speed on the torrent here is like 60kb/sec not much, but I'm in no hurry at all!

  10. Anonymous Ernie 

    Thanks for the VM. I am a Gentoo lover and am looking forward to using your VM. I am starting a project and your VM has inspired the idea. I will probably have to rebuild a new VM but yours is a great start to play with and see where I can go from there....

    Gentoo has definately taught me a lot about Linux. Yes it may take long for the initial install but wel worth it. Thanks again!

  11. Anonymous Keiran McManus 


    Thanks for sharing. I have been a big Gentoo user in my past role and I run my site on Gentoo. Now I work mostly with Windows products although I have wanted to setup a Gentoo VM on our GSX server at work.

    This should make it much easier.

  12. Anonymous jason 

    Thanks a lot... the image is working great. I'm stuck with windows at work but I have this up and running on my 2nd monitor where I do all my linux dev.

    One thing I'm doing is instead of using VMWare for my X display, I spawn a VNC Server and connect to it from my windows box. I can easily put it in and out of full screen mode (F8-f), but I never really need to since VNC's behavrior lets the mouse move in and out of the screen without needing a key combination. Speed is great, plus I can also connect to my X session from home.



  13. Anonymous Jonathan Pitt 

    I'd be willing to host on HTTP for a little while...

    contact me:

    jp (at) shyelf dot com

  14. Anonymous lowe 


    But i can't login as normal user with username "none" and password "none".
    The "correct" name and password?

  15. Anonymous Jay 

    Oops! My mistake.

    There are no normal users (none) is just to specify that there are no users. Only user created during install is user (root) and the password is "gentoo".

    Sorry for confusion.

  16. Anonymous lowe 

    I wait for a release with GNOME! Your work is great, man!

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